X-pand 12.5 or 25Khz

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Model No Description
M43DGC90E2 4 Channel 40 watts VHF
M44DGC90E2 4 Channel 40 watts UHF
M43DGC90J2 20 Channel 40 watts VHF
M44DGC90J2 20 Channel 40 wats UHF

Commonly Used Options
Model No Description
G24 2 year extended warranty
HMN3175 Touch code microphone, DTMF
HAD4008 1/4 wave roof mt antenna, VHF
HAE4003 1/4 wave roof mt antenna, UHF
HAD4014 VHF 3db roof mt antenna
HAE4011 UHF 3db roof mt antenna

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