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Effective 1/5/06 All models of the Maratrac mobile have been cancelled

Effective 11/28/03 the SP50+ , the SP50 and the SM50 will be cancelled. They are replaced by the CP200 portable and the CM300 mobile. The M1225 and P1225 have been cancelled 12/31/2004.

HT100 has been cancelled as of 12/2004

Check out the new CP200 and BPR40 portable radios on our portable page.

As of 3/2002, the HT750/1250 portable radios have redesigned housings to improve performance. They have an enhanced chassis and keypad seal to withstand harsh and damp environments, a deeply texturized exterior to protect the radio finish, a replaceable Motorola logo sticker that will not wear off easily, a stronger keypad retaining clip and redesigned keypad seal with interlocking groove and ribs to make the keypad fit more snugly and keep out excess moisture, an improved accessory connector with longer, more durable screw threads to insure secure accessory attachements and Motorola has replaced the VHF 148-161 Mhz range antenna with one that provides increased coverage.

The SP21 will no longer be available after 8/23/02. It is being replaced by the CP100.

The Minitor III has been replaced by the Minitor IV.

Motorola has discontinued the alphanumeric advisor pager.

As of 5/26/00 the Desktrac Priviacy plus 800mhz, 15w, 10ch and 900mhz, 12w, 10 ch models are discontinued.

Also the Desktrac LB, VHF and UHF and 800mhz (14w, 35w) , Desktrac repeater VHF, UHF and 800mhz have been discontinued.

The M120 mobile, all bands, is discontinued.

The SP50 compact is being replaced by the SP50plus as of 4/00. The SP50plus is a short version of the SP50 standard.

The GM300 is going to be discontinued as of 10/20/00, along with the VHF&UHF Maxtrac mobiles. The CDM series is to be its replacement.

The SM50 and SM120 have been discontinued.

The P200and MT1000, all bands, is no longer available. Use the HT750/1250 as a replacement. This includes the low band models.

As of 8/00 Motorola will be cancelling the 5/6 tone keynote pagers. The two tone sequential Keynote should be available until 2/2001.

The 16 channel GP350 and GP300 portable models are discontinued- use the HT750/1250

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