Elecom Expands Pager Service

Elecom, Inc. of Madison Heights, Virginia has announced that they have expanded their express pager repair service to include Motorola Minitor II Alert Monitor Receivers.

This offering is part of an overall expansion plan which started in April of 1990 with the purchase of a 5,000 square foot facility in Madison Heights, Virginia. This new facility has greatly expanded Elecom's ability to serve its customers. The added space has allowed Elecom to install the new high tech. repair stations needed for Minitor II express service.

Expansion has not been limited to pager repair. Elecom is gearing up for increased two way radio servicing and sales. Motorola has awarded Elecom with a Motorola Two-way Radio Authorized Dealership status. This is in addition to our Motorola Radius status and our expanding retail outlets. For more information call 1-800-228-9015

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