Portable Radio Accessories

Portable Antennas Antennas are injection molded for rugged environments; tested and tuned for maximum power and performances; color coded on the connector, indicating frequency.

Audio Accessories
Remote speaker microphone Allows the user to talk and listen without removing the radio from its carry case; weatherized for outdoor environments; available for all Motorola two-way portables.

Ear microphone system Enables hands-free, two-way communications in a noisy (95-105 dB) environment; system consists of an ear microphone and a voice-activated or push-to-talk radio interface module.

Surveillance audio accessories Lightwate, concealable 2 or 3 wire accessories for discreet radio communications.

Earpieces Lightweight, inexpensive, and comfortable to wear for extended periods; choice of single or dual receive-only earpieces for pellet (earbud) style. Flexible ear receiver is adjustable for the right or left ear.

Heavy-duty headsets High noise ear protection (up to 125 dB) with or without a hard hat; voice-activated capability provides safe and efficient hands-free communication.

Carry Accessories
Carry cases Available in nylon, soft leather, and hard leather for medium, high, and ultra high capacity batteries; optional swivel belt loop and t-strap provide added comfort.

Swivellers Rotating radio belt systems available in three configurations which attach to any current Motorola portable radio; lessen the chance of radio loss; eliminate the need for a carry case. Holster, belt, and button also sold separately.

Chest Pack Carries a radio mounted on your chest; comes with adjustable straps over the shoulders and around the waist.

Portable radio hanger Slides over and hangs from the door panel in a vehicle; radio's belt clip slides onto the portable hanger allowing convenient, easy mounting; two sizes are available to fit door panels.

Single unit chargers Available in either desktop or compact styles for small system users. Rapid rate chargers fully charge the battery in less than three hours, standard rate chargers in approximately 16 hours.

Multi-unit chargers Can be wall- or rack-mounted and are ideal for multi-shift operations; rapid rate chargers; hold six batteries.

Battery maintenance system (BMS)Six- or three-station universal BMS adapts to various batteries using interchangeable battery adapters (order separately); capable of charging, discharging, analyzing, and conditioning batteries.

Portable radio batteries are nickle cadmium or nickle metal hydride. Available in 1200 or 600 mAH; many are Factory Mutual approved for instrinsically safe radio models.

Vehicular battery eliminator Slides onto the radio in place of the battery, drawing power from the vehicle's battery.

Mobile Radio Accessories

Microphones Compact palm microphone Small, sturdy microphone with 7-foot cord. (Ships standard on most Radius mobiles.)

Compact microphone with transmit LED indicator Compact and sturdy micro-phone with a 10.5-foot cord that provides transmit indication via a transmit LED indicator. (Ships standard with the M10 radio.)

Touch code microphone with hangs-up clip Incorporates a DTMF keyboard for interfacing with properly equipped repeaters for initiating and receiving telephone calls.

Heavy duty palm microphone This rugged microphone provides a 10.5-foot cord and can be ordered as an alternative microphone for Radius mobiles.

Desk microphone Replace palm microphone for dispatching applications in an office environment.

Installation Accessories Non-locking bracket Allows alternate mounting configurations. (Ships standard with Radius mobile products.)

Power cable to battery accessory Low and high power cable to battery accessories allow mobile radio to be connected to vehicle battery.

Removable slide mount tray package A two-part accessory which allows mobile radios to be more easily inserted and removed; one part of part of the accessory interfaces to the vehicle and receives the second part, which houses the mobile radio.

General Mobile Accessories

Extern alarm relay and cable Allows mobiles equipped with rapid call signaling to be configured for horn and lights operation.

7.5 watt external speaker Externally mounted speaker provides increased speaker audio output; ideal for high noise environments; uses rear connector on Radius mobiles.

Control Station Accessories
Low and high power packages Allow Radius mobile radios to be configured as dispatching equipment; ideal for office environments; includes black desk microphone.

The accessories listed above are available for all Radius and Motorola-branded protables and mobiles unless otherwise indicated. For a comprehensive listing of available accessories, please contact your Radius or Motorola dealer.

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