En route or on scene, Firecom headsets protect your hearing and offer exceptional comfort while integrating with our intercoms. Available in Under Helmet (UH), Fitted Headset (FH) and Direct Wire models, Firecom headsets meet NFPA 1500 safety standards and reduce ambient noise by 24 dB

*Noise-canceling electret microphone ensures optimal clarity.

*Detent volume control adjusts accurately for your volume preference.

*Liquid-foam ear seals remain comfortable even after hours of continuous use.

*Adjusts and readjusts easily to fit anyone. Extremely comfortable and durable.

*Protects hearing from dangerous siren noise and horn blasts with a 24 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and meets NFPA 1500 safety standards.

*Specially designed dome accommodates most helmets and will not interfere with helmet fit or comfort.

*Voice transmissions are clear and crisp. Mic muff improves clarity by eliminating wind noise.

*Boom rotates 180° to allow headset operation with right or left hand.

*Position the mic once and it stays in place.

*Secure PTT button located on the dome requires a solid push to activate and deactivate, eliminating the chance of accidental transmissions.

*Provides a close, comfortable fit.

*Unit weighs less than a pound

Push To Talk (PTT) Options

*Radio Transmit : Red PTT - Activates radio transmit. Mic is always live for intercom communication. Appropriate for driver or officer positions.
Used on UH-10, FH-10, UH-10S, and FH-10S headsets.

*Intercom Only : Black PTT - Activates mic for intercom communication ONLY. Appropriate for jumpseat positions.
Used on UH-20 and FH-20 headsets.

*Intercom Only : Yellow PTT - Activates mic for intercom communication ONLY. Appropriate for jumpseat positions. Allows for hands-free intercom communication. Used on UH-40 and FH-40 headsets.

The articulated boom, our low cost alternative, is available on all Firecom headsets. Durable metal construction with dual pivot points

Handheld radio interfaces also available

UH-10 Headset Features:

* Our most popular model

*Radio transmit /receive

*Hands-free intercom

*Desigend to be worn under a helmet

*Unbreakable, adjustable headstrp fits any user

*2 year warranty

UH10S Headset Features:

All the features of the UH10 Plus:

*Designed with a single speaker in ne dome and a slotted open dome on the other side

*Preferred by drivers or for situations where it is important to hear outside ambient noise

FH-10S Headset Features:

*Singe sided headset

*Radio transmit/receive

*Hands-free intercom

*Fitted headset band with comfortable headpad for use without a helmet

Glove Rugged Plug

Firecom adds Glove Rugged Connectors to all head set cables. The new ergonomic connectors are easier to grab with a gloved hand and will swivel to distribute strain an the jack connection. A traditional short bend relief offers little protection for wires. The Glove Rugged 45 degree angle plug offers increased durability, is more compact and provides better positioning.

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