Programmable features

The Mag OneTM by Motorola BPR TM40 has 11 programmable features to choose from!

High/Low Power

Selects desired power level to High or Low.

Volume Set

Allows you to check the audio and alert tone volume level


Allows you to monitor the current channel for activity; disables squelch

Sticky Monitor

The radio monitors continually until you press this button again.


Starts or Stops channel scan.

Nuisance Channel Delete

Removes unwanted channel(s) temporarily from scan list during scan.

Repeater Talkaround

Toggles radio between functioning in Repeater mode or Talkaround mode.


Enables/Disables radio from requiring matching PL/DPL to receive messages.

Button Lock

Locks or unlocks all buttons except PTT, Channel Knob and On/Off/Volume Knob.

Battery Save Mode

Toggles between functioning with Battery Saver ON or Battery Saver OFF.


Selects desired squelch level: Normal or Tight.

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